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ROYGBIV Bridal Bouquets Arch @ BC Blooms.
ROYGBIV Bridal Bouquets Arch @ BC Blooms.

My name is Anthony Colyn. I started Flowers on Top in 1990 and today,  with my wife/partner,  awesome staff and now my kids, have developed a great business selling flowers and employing new ways of presenting them.  The success of our business is firstly because of the United Flower Growers Co-op (UFG) in Burnaby.  The freshness and variety of the flowers from the Auction is the key to making our flower customers happy.  Our flowers last longer.

Secondly, we sell our flowers directly to our customers.  The flowers are not sold through a middle vendor, and this gives the customer the full value of the flowers.

Lastly, we provide complete flower services from simple flower stem and plant sales to complex delivery and execution of elaborate flower arrangements in weddings, corporate events, sympathy and home decor.

In this Blog I hope to outline areas of my interest in the flower business and share some insights regarding purchasing flowers, their care, and new ideas of flower design.




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