UFG United Flower Growers Co-op

buying at the "clock"

buying at the “clock”

United Flower Growers Co-op has been in operation for 50 years.  It is located at 4085 Marine Way,  Burnaby, BC.  It is the largest ‘dutch-style’ flower auction in North America.  A co-operative of local growers, mostly from the Fraser Valley, bring cut flowers and plants to be sold by “clock”.

A Dutch Auction has prices falling;  the longer you wait, the cheaper prices get, but the longer you wait someone else may buy them, so it is very competitive.   Products are listed in a queue on a clock; there are 4 clocks (ABCD) operating simultaneously.   Buyers watch and wait for products they want and then stop the backwards-turning,  price-falling clocks at a price that they want to pay.  Their purchasing is kept on their account and the flowers and plants they purchase are distributed to their distribution number, ready to be picked up for transport.



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