Log Containers.

Log Orchid Planter

Log Orchid Planter

You know that experience when two things come together that make something new?  Well, I had that happen a couple months ago.  I had been working with driftwood and was finding new uses for the wood in flower displays.  I used driftwood with a plastic tray and created a new product for Flowers on Top.

Log Planters:  Naturally beautiful looking containers.

I have 3 sizes of trays for planters:  small, medium, and large, and 2 sizes of narrower trays:  medium and large, that make great table centre arrangements or planters.

cut flower log centre

Cut Flower Log Centre

These Log Containers are durable and can be reused year round.

You can find these log planters, centres and vases for sale in our shop.


log planter2

Log Planter


Log Orchid2

Log Orchid2


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