Flower Paintings

van Gogh's "Starry Night"

Flower Painting

The idea of using flowers as a medium for making a flower painting came to me a couple years ago late in the summer when I had a lot of beautiful dark blue/purple flowers: Gentiana, Delphinium and Aconitum.  Together with some Sunflowers and some other yellow flowers I made this rendition of van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, replete with the shadowy tree in the foreground and wispy wind made with ornamental grass.


The need to have these flower paintings last,  led me to make a couple frames and put them on a large easel.  Using long-lasting flowers like Chrysanthemum, these paintings last up to 4 weeks.




Snow & Trees

Fields of Suns

Field of Suns






I see uses for these flower paintings as a tribute to someone or as a focal point at an event.   I enjoy making them and finding new ways to create perspective.  These flower paintings  use colour and texture  to project an image; up close they are beautiful flowers.



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