Our first order of business is to provide quality flowers, and timely service. However, sometimes some things can go wrong.  If this should happen to you regarding our product and service please contact us and we will be happy to try to make things better.  We have been in business for over 20 years because we love flowers and are passionate about great flower service.

Our new website is for ordering flowers at your convenience.

As with our earlier website it was a simple order form and it worked – wonderfully I might add,  thank you, William.   All our customers were repeat customers;  they trusted us to make great flowers for a price that they chose.  The site did not have many pictures but that did not stop our customers from ordering.

It makes sense to have pictures because people want to see what we do in flowers and what is typical of our style.

Our website has lots of pictures that are examples of flowers we have arranged and are used for the purpose of providing flower ideas and assurances that the flowers you send and are received will be “something like” the flowers in the photos.

We may not have a picture for every occasion or every kind of flower but there is more than enough on the internet to give ideas about what one would like.  Feel free to contact us with your flower pictures to convey your request. 

However,  as with many internet pictures, some substitutions are necessary because the flowers are out of season for the time they are requested.  We will definitely include requests of colours, flower preferences and exclusions, etc  as indicated in the “additional order information” field in the checkout order form, and we can discuss things further with a little planning and emails.

Containers:  vases, ceramics, trays, bowls, dishes, etc for vases and arrangements are included in the overall purchase price option chosen.  You will not be getting a gilded silver bowl included in your $50 table centre, it will be ceramic, glass, metallic plastic, etc. The flowers will be full and beautiful, the container will be attractive and functional.


In all fairness we request 24 hrs processing time for web orders, the day before the delivery date.  You can always call our store to order flowers for same-day delivery, and we will fill your order as we can, in consultation with you.