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Flowers on Top, 1005 Broad Street, Victoria, BC,

Flowers on Top, 1005 Broad Street, Victoria, BC

Flowers on Top , 1005 Broad Street, Victoria, BC Canada, v8w 2a1.

Ph.: +1 250 383 5262,


Open Monday-Friday: 8-6; Saturday, 9:30-5;  closed Sunday.

Flowers on Top is a wonderful flower shop.   We are located in the “Counting House”, a beautiful heritage building in the heart of Victoria.  Our shop has been operating in this location since 1991.  We specialize in fresh cut flowers and indoor plants for all occasions.  We offer ready-made bouquets, vases, arrangements, and a wide assortment of fresh-cut flowers and plants for custom design as you would like them.

We provide complete flower services for weddings, parties, business, home and sympathy.  Contact us or send an email to let us help you with  flowers for today and tomorrow.

buying at the "clock"

Buying at the “clock”

We personally buy our flowers from the United Flower Growers Co-op in Burnaby.  85% of the flowers are grown in BC and the other 15% are imported from around the world.

The flower auction starts at 6 am, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and has been in operation for 50 years.   Flowers are sold in a ‘Dutch Auction’ format where the price falls from a set price until someone buys the product by pressing their purchase button.   Millions of stems of flowers and potted plants are sold this way all year round.  Recently “remote buying” was introduced and enables more buyers to log into the Auction throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and  the Northwest United States.

Flowers and Plants queue for the Auction

Eremerus Fox tail

Eremerus Arrangement






Because we go to the Flower Auction to buy firsthand from flower growers,  our flowers are fresher and last longer for our customers.  Also, we have the advantage of seeing flowers as soon as they become available and can bring them to our store immediately.

Hand-tied bouquets

Hand-tied bouquets

Our concept is simple: we buy the freshest flowers and sell them in a manner that serves most people – as bulk stems, as bouquets, in vases and more elaborately as wedding flowers, celebrations, and condolences.  Contact us if you have any need for flowers.



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